Piano Appraisal

Piano Appraisal Service in Denver Colorado

Our piano appraisals will help you discover the current monetary value of your piano

Among other services, at 88 Ivories Piano Service, we also provide an appraisal for your instrument. If you’re thinking of selling your piano, getting it repaired or restored, interested in buying a used piano, or just curious about how much your instrument’s worth, then book our piano appraisal service today.

We provide in-home appraisals by carefully examining your instrument and its technical components such as the soundboard, strings, action, and the lacquer finish for maintenance and repair cost estimate, resale value, insurance purposes, and donation values. We also provide a list of the recommended venues for selling your piano and some tips and tricks on how to make your instrument more marketable.

For potential buyers, we provide a ballpark value and direct them towards the right market

At 88 Ivories Piano Service, we accurately and expertly appraise your grand piano, upright piano, or any other kind of piano. Our appraisal service can keep you from selling your instrument for too low a price or overpaying for a new one. We do not do appraisals over photos or videos; we believe in visual and physical inspection to determine the actual condition of the piano.

Our appraisals can be basic and verbal, as well as extensive and documented for more legal issues such as insurance claims and taxes

Whichever the case, 88 Ivories Piano Service will work with you to give you the appraisal you need. We have been in business for quite some time now and know enough about antique, classic, and even modern pianos, so we know the right way to come up with the actual market value.

We’ll be needing some elementary information from you about your instrument, such as the time and location of the purchase, so we can give you a precise quote. During the process, we’ll be guiding you alongside with every step, so you completely understand what’s going on.

If you would like to know more about our piano appraisal service, get in touch today!

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