Piano Refinishing

Full Piano Refinishing Services in Denver, CO

Does your piano's exterior need to be refinished by a professional?

The exterior of the piano adds value to your living room and helps break the ice when guests come over. Thus the exterior of your piano needs your attention just as good as the interior.

Over time, the exterior of the piano starts to degrade and lose its shine. Eventually, the piano’s cabinet gets damaged, and the chipped paint and scratches soil the finish. Refinishing your piano can give it back its showroom look and shine. At 88 Ivories Piano Service, we use the classic hand-rubbed technique to refinish your piano.

What does our piano refinishing process look like?

We start the process by stripping your piano off its old finish. We achieve this by using a top-quality stripping agent and do not utilize any water in the process as it can cause damage to the cabinet. After that, we thoroughly sand the bare instrument a couple of times. Next, we repair any dents or other damage to the original veneer. This is followed by the application of paste wood filler, which fills any open pores and provides a perfectly smooth surface. Finally, we begin spraying nitrocellulose lacquer. We spray the lacquer and then sand using the fine-grit sandpaper. This process is repeated several times, giving appropriate time in between for the lacquer to cure until the desired thickness is attained. The finish is then hand-polished and rubbed till it gives that new look and shine. This method, although labor intensive, but the quality of the end result speaks for itself.

We use only the high-quality lacquer for your instrument and achieve the desired sheen of the finish through the labor of hand polishing and many rounds of sanding. We want nothing but the best for you when it comes to the quality of your piano finish.

Our high-quality work has made our services preferred by many piano owners.

So get back that shine on your instrument and make it alive again by booking our piano refinishing service today!

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