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At 88 Ivories Piano Service, we have highly skilled technicians and provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service to the locals of Denver and its surrounding areas

A well-maintained piano not only uplifts the mood but also inspires you to make new music. Frequently playing the piano causes the mechanical parts to wear off, and the hammerheads also begin to flatten. So your piano needs regular servicing from expert technicians to maintain its optimum performing condition.

Our repairs include anything from as small as fixing sluggish keys and replacing broken keys or strings to handling more extensive repairs and complete piano overhauling. While most of the minor repairs are completed at the comfort of your own home, however, for more extensive repairs, we move the instrument to our workshop.

Our maintenance service involves action regulation, thorough cleaning, and voicing.


Even if you have your piano tuned regularly, you will still sometimes feel your piano playing differently than it did when it was brand new. The keys and the touch just doesn’t feel the same way. This could be due to the expansion and shrinkage of wood during the changing weather, wear and tear, or due to general neglect. While we do regulation adjustments during our piano tuning session, but that isn’t enough.

Our complete action regulation is an extensive process and involves adjustments of the thousands parts that make up the action mechanism of piano. Having this done every now and again will not only keep your piano from developing response issues again, but will also elongate its life.


During our repair and maintenance service, we thoroughly clean the interior of your piano and underneath the strings using a vacuum and get rid of any foreign objects.

For the exterior, we clean the keys using a damp white cloth followed by a dry cloth and recommend our piano refinishing service for the case.


Every piano has its own voice, which could either be bright, sweet, sharp or mellow. Frequent playing of piano flattens the hammerheads, and thereby result in a poor or altered tonal quality or voice. During the voicing treatment, our expert technicians carefully adjust the density of each felt hammer and its shape using the needles. It is an extremely tricky and delicate process, because one wrong application can damage the tonal quality of your piano.

The professionals at 88 Ivories Piano Service can restore and repair any build of pianos. They bring passion and experience with them to ensure you’re satisfied with our piano repair and maintenance service. We also use the original parts for any replacements to ensure quality as well as reliability.

So make your piano playing a more pleasurable experience by booking our services today!

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