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A piano is a beautiful and cherished instrument. A quality piano is passed down to generations and remains in the family. But the pianos start to wear off after decades and do not play at their full potential. That’s why 88 Ivories Piano Service is here to help; we make sure the family heirloom is restored back to its full potential and preserved.

Rebuilding your piano is a huge decision. You don’t want to handover your cherished piano to someone who doesn’t have enough skills or understanding to do the job. At 88 Ivories Piano Service, we do not only have sufficient knowledge and experience to do the job but also understand your sentiments attached to your piano. There's a lot more to our piano restoration and rebuilding service than just purchasing the parts and installing them.

Action Rebuilding

There are a thousand moving parts inside the piano’s action. Replacing them and regulating them is not the job of an amateur. At 88 Ivories Piano Service, our technicians install the action parts of your choosing with care and precision. We have the finest and genuine action parts available for you to choose from. After installation, the actions are regulated and adjusted according to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a warm tone or sharp tone, we craft the tone and touch that is desired by you.

Soundboard Repair

In the process of our piano restoration and rebuilding service, our first preference is always to preserve the original soundboard of your piano through our extensive repair process. However, if you opt to replace the soundboard, then we replace it with the finest quality soundboard available. The boards are custom fitted to your piano’s case and carefully placed and cured to give you the best stability and tone.

The Hardware

All the screws, and other parts of hardware, are thoroughly cleaned. The nickel hardware is re-plated, and the brass hardware is restored. The huge cast iron plate that is not only aesthetical but also a structural backbone of the piano is carefully cleaned, sanded, and its brilliant golden shine is revived.

There are numerous other steps in our piano rebuilding and restoration service that cannot be explained here in detail. We do not just change the parts; we truly rebuild the pianos.

If you want to know more about our piano rebuilding service and interested in preserving your cherished heirloom, then contact us today!

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